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Elizabeth II, Queen

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishElizabeth II, QueenQueen Elizabeth IIElizabeth II, Queen /ɪˌlɪzəbəθ ðə ˈsekənd/  (1926–) the British Queen since 1952, and also head of the British Commonwealth. She is married to the Duke of Edinburgh and they have four children. She is the most respected member of the British royal family because she is seen as someone who works hard and is very serious about her responsibilities. She is known to be interested in horse racing, and she owns several racehorses. She also keeps corgis (=small dogs with short legs) as pets.Queen Elizabeth II, thethe Queen Elizabeth IIQueen Elizabeth II, the /kwiːn ɪˌlɪzəbəθ ðə ˈsekənd/  the full name of the qe2
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