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quench your thirst

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquench your thirstquench your thirst formalDFDTHIRSTYto stop yourself feeling thirsty, by drinking something We stopped at a small bar to quench our thirst. quench
Examples from the Corpus
quench your thirstAfter exercising, fruit juices are excellent because they quench your thirst.Iced tea really quenches your thirst.Fire is for heat and water to quench our thirst.I pressed snow against my bruised face, and managed to melt more snow in my mouth to quench my thirst.Not that this deterred him; he was determined to break one open and quench his thirst.We stopped in a small village to quench our thirst and refuel the jeep.There would be water from the sink to quench his thirst, and that would buy him some time.It will not quench your thirst faster or make you even sexier than you were before.Try to quench your thirst with a light, fresh white and you will drink enough to put you on your back.
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