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quick fix

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquick fixquick fixinformalSOLVE/FIND THE ANSWER a solution to a problem that can be done quickly, but is not a good or permanent solution There’s no quick fix for stopping pollution. Congress is trying to avoid quick-fix solutions. quick
Examples from the Corpus
quick fixExercise is usually the best quick fix.This, therefore, is a quick fix Bill.A quick fix clearly becomes unfixed.I do not believe that there is a quick fix for the coal industry.There will be no quick fix for the San Francisco Giants.More often, we opted for the quick fix or the solution offered by the management guru of the month.There are no quick fixes that enable work-inhibited students to become academically competent.It is better to strive for slow and gradual, but substantial, progress than a quick fix that may be ephemeral.
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