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quietqui‧et1 /ˈkwaɪət/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective (comparative quieter, superlative quietest)  1 making no noiseQUIET not making much noise, or making no noise at all We’ll have to be quiet so as not to wake the baby. It’s a nice car. The engine’s really quiet. I’ll be as quiet as a mouse (=very quiet).2 not speaking a) TALK TO somebodynot saying much or not saying anything You’re very quiet, Mom – is anything the matter? I didn’t know anything about it so I just kept quiet. The crowd went quiet.quiet confidence/satisfaction/desperation (=having a particular feeling but not talking about it) a woman whose life of quiet desperation threatens to overwhelm herquiet authority/dignity (=not saying much but making other people have a particular feeling about you) Jack’s air of quiet authority b) TALK TO somebodysomeone who is quiet does not usually talk very much a strange, quiet girl3 (be) quiet!4 keep something quiet/keep quiet about something5 place with no noise a place that is quiet has no noise or not much noise Our hotel room was comfortable and quiet. When they walked into the pub, the place went quiet.6 no activity/peoplePEACEFUL without much activity or without many people It was a Sunday, about three o'clock, and the streets were quiet. I’d love to go on holiday somewhere where it’s nice and quiet. Anthony met her in the bar, and they found a quiet corner where they could talk. I’m going to have a quiet night in (=an evening when you stay at home and relax). He wants a quiet life, while she wants to go out partying.7 businessBBBUSY/HAVE A LOT TO DO if business is quiet, there are not many customers syn slack August is a quiet time of year for the retail trade.
8 keep somebody quiet9 have a quiet word (with somebody)Do not confuse quiet with quite (=fairly).quietness noun [uncountable] quietlyTHESAURUSa quiet sound or voicequiet not making a loud soundI heard a quiet voice behind me.a car with a quiet enginelow quiet – especially because you do not want people to hear or be disturbedDoug was on the phone, speaking in a low voice.I turned the volume down low.soft quiet and pleasant to listen toSoft music was playing in the background.His voice was soft and gentle.silent not making any sound at alla silent prayersilent laughterThe machines were virtually silent.hushed deliberately quiet because you do not want people to hear – used about people’s voicesThey were talking about money in hushed tones.The doctor’s voice was hushed and urgent.faint quiet and difficult to hear because it comes from a long way awayThe men went ahead and their voices got fainter and fainter.the faint sound of bellsmuffled difficult to hear, for example because the sound comes from another room or someone’s mouth is covered by somethingMuffled voices were coming from downstairs.the muffled sound of someone cryingdull [only before noun] a dull sound is not loud – used especially about the sound of something hitting another thingHe hit the ground with a dull thud.inaudible too quiet to hearThe sound is inaudible to the human ear.Her answer came in an almost inaudible whisper.a quiet placequiet without much noiseIt’s so quiet here at night.This is the quietest room in the house to work in.silent with no noise at allThe room fell silent (=became silent).peaceful (also tranquil especially written) quiet in a pleasant and relaxing wayLife’s more peaceful in the countryside.The hotel is set in tranquil surroundings.sleepy [only before noun] quiet – used about a town or village where there are not many people and very little happensa sleepy fishing villagenot saying muchquiet not saying muchHe’s a quiet boy who loves reading.You’re very quiet tonight, Suzy – are you OK?silent not saying anythingHer husband was a big silent man.Everyone was arguing but I decided to remain silent.taciturn /ˈtæsətɜːn $ -ɜːrn/ formal not talking much and seeming a little unfriendly or bad-temperedHe found Vaughn a taciturn and rather difficult person.reticent unwilling to talk to other people, especially about a particular subjectShe’s always been reticent about her early life.a man/woman of few words someone who does not talk much, especially because they only speak when there is something important to sayMy father was a man of few words, but when he spoke everyone listened.
Examples from the Corpus
quietSince the last big outbreak of fighting six days ago, the city has been strangely quiet.The baby's sleeping, so we need to be quiet.He's nice, but kind of quiet.I want you all to be very quiet and listen carefully.I tried to imagine why he lived such a quiet and lonely life in this far-off place.Inside the church it was quiet and peaceful.Steven's a very quiet boy who loves reading.Madison Plains, Ohio, is a quiet community of 1200 inhabitants.Alvin was becoming known at school as a quiet, confident boy with a facility for languages.People sat drinking coffee and having quiet conversations.David and I found a quiet corner where we could talk.I'm just going to have a quiet evening at home.Let's have a nice quiet evening in, for a change.Retailers are worried, as business has been quiet for much of December.If he will be quiet I shall tell him what the Labour party proposes to do.Missy's very quiet - is she sick?They shared a quiet laugh, then the cornerboy went off to get Spider, who was making the rounds.What I like about the Cerro Colorados is their quiet magnificence.The new emperor seems a shy, quiet man, an intellectual.It's been a very quiet morning so far. Only two people came in, and neither of them bought anything.a quiet place in the mountainsI usually work in the dining room because it's the quietest room in the house.She saw a quiet serious face, large dark eyes, well-marked brows, sober clothes.We made it through, paddling to a quiet spot and awaited the others.Our new washing machine is much quieter than the old one.Even on a quiet weekend there are plenty of people on the beach.She said it was beautiful, very quiet, with deserted beaches and clear water.He spoke in a quiet yet confident voice.as quiet as a mouseIn fact she was as quiet as a mouse and Ruth hardly knew she was there.kept quietBut the story is too big to be kept quiet.Lois broke her own crackers and kept quiet.For a couple of years, the board kept quiet about our financial situation, hoping that it would get better.I'd rather it were kept quiet if any more do.We didn't shout loud enough; those who came left impressed, but kept quiet in order to preserve their own reputations.If she kept quiet Penry might sleep longer, and wake in a better mood.The disciples kept quiet telling nothing of what they had seen at that time to anyone.They kept quiet while the caretaker came to shut the windows in the evening.nice and quietWhat I'd really like is a nice mantlepiece to hang over, somewhere nice and quiet.
quietquiet2 noun [uncountable]  1 PEACEFULthe state of being quiet, calm, and peaceful We were enjoying the quiet of the forest. I’ve had an awful day – now I just want some peace and quiet.2 QUIETsilence Can I have some quiet, please?3 on the quiet
Examples from the Corpus
quietNo one moved and the easy quiet dropped another level to a bad silence.But despite the general quiet of the anchorage, one felt the excitement permeating the entire fleet.Can I have quiet, please!Environmentalists have a habit of trumpeting their disasters and keeping the good news quiet.Each day I write in the quiet of the upstate New York mornings.In the quiet of that moment Tam and Famie knew a reason.A little further on the quiet was broken by the rumble of a truck.the quiet of the forestAt sunset the last orders had been issued, every commander knew his duty, and unusual quiet prevailed in the fleet.peace and quietSo much for peace and quiet!Still you could always come back to Malia for a little peace and quiet in the local monastery!She might have guessed that as soon as she tried for a little peace and quiet the whole place would be inundated with callers.She had weekends off, and looked forward to a bit of peace and quiet.So she'd be able to have a few moments of peace and quiet in which to interview the woman.Will he add one more right to the patients charter - that of peace and quiet for sick people in hospital?Finally, some peace and quiet.If I must sacrifice a few moments in the interests of subsequent peace and quiet, so be it.
From Longman Business Dictionaryquietqui‧et /ˈkwaɪət/ adjective1if business, a market etc is quiet, there are not many customers or there is not much activityAugust is a quiet time of year for the retail trade.The market has been quiet this morning.2quiet enjoymentLAW the right to use property or land without any interferenceThe purchaser shall have quiet enjoyment of the land.
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