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quietly confident

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquietly confidentquietly confidentespecially British EnglishCONFIDENT fairly confident of success, but without talking proudly about it Adam came out of the interview feeling quietly confident. quietly
Examples from the Corpus
quietly confidentChief Inspector Berret was quietly confident.Rover, too, is quietly confident.Then she moved a little in front, quietly confident now, the Rabari genius embodied in her.Stay quietly confident of your own knowledge of truth.He is quietly confident that there will be no problems this time.We were quietly confident that whatever might happen to Hsu Fu we would be able to give the raft the best chance.Wise Speke is quietly confident that Whessoe has made a good deal for its longer term development.As an actor, Poitier was quite effective in his understated, quietly confident way.
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