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quiltquilt /kwɪlt/ ●○○ noun [countable]  DHHa warm thick cover for a bed, made by sewing two layers of cloth together, with feathers or a thick material in between themduvet
Examples from the Corpus
quiltThe witness began to cry, and said they had a quilt and other little things.At night, they pile on the bed with me like a quilt.A double bed with a quilt.I sewed curtains and quilts and the boys were allowed to choose their own colour schemes and furnishings.I saw the movie once but read the book several times, reading it under my quilt late into the night.a patchwork quiltReplacing Gwen Bear on the quilt, she got ready for bed.Stephen was still in bed but sitting up and there were books on Vangmoor all over the quilt.When he opened the door to the room, she was in bed with the quilt pulled up to her neck.
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