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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquintessentialquin‧tes‧sen‧tial /ˌkwɪntəˈsenʃəl◂/ adjective  EXAMPLEbeing a perfect example of a particular type of person or thing syn typical ‘Guys and Dolls’ is the quintessential American musical.see thesaurus at typicalquintessentially adverb a place that is quintessentially English
Examples from the Corpus
quintessentialAnd this august body of quintessential back-room people must now press loudly and firmly for this to happen.New York is the quintessential big city.In Paris, the quintessential city of freedom and discretion, he could lead a double life.They stood, she thought, the quintessential family, looking out from their sanctuary into the vague but hopeful unknown.It was the quintessential Knight roster: No superstars, but balanced, cohesive and, above all, consistent.Thus Rosalind Krauss can argue that photography is the quintessential surrealist art form.
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