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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquirkquirk /kwɜːk $ kwɜːrk/ noun [countable]  1 CHANCE/BY CHANCEsomething strange that happens by chancequirk of Years later, by a strange quirk of fate, she found herself sitting next to him on a plane.2 CHARACTER/PERSONALITYa strange habit or feature of someone’s character, or a strange feature of something Like every computer, this one has its little quirks.
Examples from the Corpus
quirkIt's a quirk of the language that pronunciation has changed, but not spelling.Through a quirk of nature, I, a reptile, had suddenly been rendered a biped.Their characters are very alike in mannerisms and quirks as well as in their shyness and innocence.When it debuted it was billed as quirky fun, but it turned out to be a lot more quirk than fun.I mean, some cars have no quirks at all, and yet remain thoroughly joyless.Although on the outside he was quiet and shy, Albert had more than his share of quirks.Greg is a nice guy, but he has a few weird personality quirks.She took pride in her children's quirks and individuality, and made no effort to try to change them.Lighter in the mornings, and the quirk of the terrain amplifies Vassiliki winds in the late afternoon!But good weather means you're out of doors, so these quirks don't matter.However, one writing quirk guaranteed that their newsletters, brochures, and announcements would end up in the trash.quirk ofBy a quirk of nature, half the frogs in the pond had more than four legs.
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