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quite a lot/bit/few

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquite a lot/bit/fewquite a lot/bit/fewLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTa fairly large number or amount He’s got quite a lot of friends. Quite a few towns are now banning cars from their shopping centres. quite
Examples from the Corpus
quite a lot/bit/fewOver 296 pages, Fallows cites quite a few.The man looks prosperous, like quite a few men.I lived quite a lot of my early childhood at the Thompsons' house behind a shop on Harehills Parade.There's quite a bit of noise coming from the kitchens.Obviously, you have to wear quite a lot of protective clothing to minimise the risk of getting injured.A better day today, Miss Lavant wrote in her diary, quite a bit of sunshine.There has been quite a lot of talk recently about adding enzymes to help the carp digest our sophisticated carp baits.By no means, Watson; even now quite a few scientists continue to doubt.
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