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quite right

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquite rightquite rightBritish EnglishAGREE used to show that you agree strongly with someone ‘I refuse to do any more work.’ ‘Quite right. They can’t expect you to work for nothing.’ quite
Examples from the Corpus
quite rightBut this is not quite right.He was even happy to agree when Louise suggested that the buttons on the jacket were not quite right.Now that is very wrong, and yet, somehow, quite right.They'd shared a bed in Cumberland and she had comforted Gordon because nothing was quite right.If he thinks something isn't quite right he tells me.Not quite right, not quite plain enough or narrow enough, but getting there.It is quite right that members sensitivities should be aired.Distracted vicars want action against the furry little pests, and quite right too.
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