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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquixoticquix‧ot‧ic /kwɪkˈsɒtɪk $ -ˈsɑː-/ adjective  IMPOSSIBLEquixotic ideas or plans are not practical and are based on unreasonable hopes of improving the world This is a vast, exciting, and perhaps quixotic project.
Examples from the Corpus
quixoticThis ended in a quixotic campaign for statehood.So here, thought Dalgliesh, lay the secret of Berowne's quixotic decision to give up his job.Wild eclecticism has been the hallmark of Boyd's 30-year career as record producer, failed film mogul and quixotic entrepreneur.My superior self was on a quixotic errand!But the most startling fact revealed in the survey even had an element of quixotic honour attached to it.Particularly quixotic is their concept of the sources of illegitimacy.He began a quixotic search for the mother who abandoned him.Maureen and Christine understood that theirs was a quixotic task.
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