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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrabblerab‧ble /ˈræbəl/ noun [singular]  CROWDa noisy crowd of peoplerabble of a rabble of angry youthssee thesaurus at group
Examples from the Corpus
rabbleWe portray ourselves as a rabble, and certainly are no example to the fourth form in a school.As he arrived he was met by a rabble of noisy, angry youths.the Hollywood movie rabbleCome, Sylvia, we've better things to do than go chasing after that silly rabble.Why on earth they believe we control that rabble in West Berlin is beyond me.If any of the rabble attempts to enter the palace, shoot them.Vulnerable to the rabble rousers, to the Communists, to the Fascists, even to the hated Zionists.
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