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raccoonrac‧coon, racoon /rəˈkuːn, ræ- $ ræ-/ noun  1 [countable]HBA a small North American animal with black fur around its eyes and black and grey rings on its tail2 [uncountable]HBA the skin and thick fur of a raccoon a raccoon coat
Examples from the Corpus
raccoonAll was dressed up like Bud Flanagan for some reason almost drowning in a raccoon coat.If you had sunglasses on and took them off, you would look like a raccoon.And there he was: a raccoon.Many a neighborhood pet or bold raccoon had already done some investigating.But try this fur starters ... our speciality stuffed raccoon.Plucked from the broken stalks that Mr Garner could not doubt was the fault of the raccoon.The raccoon has a strong preference for aquatic feeding.In fact, their hands bore an eerie resemblance to raccoon hands.
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