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race relations

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrace relationsˈrace reˌlations noun [plural]  SARthe relationship that exists between people from different countries, religions etc who are now living in the same place We need to do more to promote good race relations. Community leaders are working to improve race relations in the city.
Examples from the Corpus
race relationsAlso patron of health workers, interracial justice, public education, and race relations.The council say that would be a disaster for race relations.Hawaii has a tradition of good race relations.And they now look set to promote more harmonious race relations in the community after passing with flying colours.None the less, no positive action to improve race relations in Washington was taken.We have been working at improving race relations in Britain for over 30 years, under successive Governments.They included academics, members of the race relations industry and journalists.As mayor of Indianapolis, he grappled with race relations during the turbulent 1960s.
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