2 verb
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a) [intransitive and transitive]DS to compete against someone or something in a race
race against
She'll be racing against some of the world's top athletes.
race in
Stevens will not be racing in the final due to a knee injury.
race somebody up/down something etc
I'll race you to the end of the road.
b) [transitive]DS to use an animal or a vehicle to compete in a race:
He will be racing a Ferrari in this year's Formula One championships.

move quickly

[intransitive,transitive always + adverb/preposition] to move very quickly or take someone or something to a place very quickly:
He raced into the village on his bike.
I had to race home for my bag.
race somebody to something etc
She was raced to hospital.
race to do something
He raced to meet her.

do something quickly

[intransitive] to try to do something very quickly because you want to be the first to do it, or because there is very little time available
race to do something
Investors are racing to buy shares in the new hi-tech companies.
race against time/the clock
The astronauts are racing against time to repair the spaceship.


[intransitive]MI if your heart or mind races, it works harder and faster than usual, for example because you are afraid or excited:
My heart was racing and my knees shook uncontrollably.
My mind was racing, trying to think where I had seen him before.


[intransitive]TTCTEM if an engine races, it runs too fast

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