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racetrackrace‧track /ˈreɪs-træk/ noun [countable]  1 DSa track on which runners or cars race2 American EnglishDSH a grass track on which horses race syn racecourse British English
Examples from the Corpus
racetrackThey're on a racetrack - a banked racetrack.Others hold interests in racetracks, which depend on political goodwill for additional racing dates.At 7 a. m., the Saratoga racetrack is in top form.There were state officials drinking bourbon sours in his box at the racetrack.How fast things change at the racetrack.The high-performance cars are strictly for the racetrack ... and the message is, going too fast on the roads can kill.The Arizona legislature has just opened a special session to hear what the racetrack owners want.
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