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racialra‧cial /ˈreɪʃəl/ ●●○ adjective  1 [only before noun]SAR relating to the relationships between different races of people who now live in the same country or area a victim of racial discrimination This part of the community needs to be protected from racial prejudice. evidence of racial harassment the campaign for racial equality the need for tolerance and racial harmony2 SASARrelating to the various races that humans can be divided intoethnic a broad range of racial and ethnic groups people of different racial originracially adverb They live in a racially mixed area. Police officers believe the attack was racially motivated.COLLOCATIONSnounsracial discrimination (=when particular races of people are treated unfairly)We found no evidence of racial discrimination.racial equality (=when people of all races have the same rights and advantages)We are firmly committed to achieving racial equality.racial prejudice (=unreasonable bad opinions of someone based on their race)He claimed that his opponents were motivated by racial prejudice.racial hatred (=hatred of people based on their race)He was prosecuted for inciting racial hatred.racial harassment (=threatening behaviour towards someone of another race)The court case increased public awareness of sexual and racial harassment in the workplace.racial tension (=bad feelings between people of different races, which could develop into violence)His arrest is likely to heighten racial tensions.racial violenceWe can't rest until there is no more racial violence.racial harmony (=when people of different races live or work together and trust each other)Dr King's dream of racial harmony has never been fully realized.racial segregation (=when people of different races are kept apart and forced to live, work etc separately)The 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibited racial segregation in public buildings.racial abuse (=insulting remarks based on someone's race)Their children had begun to face racial abuse on the streets and in school.a racial attackHe was the victim of a racial attack.
Examples from the Corpus
racialLos Angeles County has over 150 racial and ethnic groups in it.We welcome all of you, whatever your racial background.On the field, the racial barriers are coming down.Lots of ethnic and racial cracks.But this has led anthropologists to exaggerate the motes of racial difference and to ignore the beams of similarity.Other reactions have concentrated on the issue of the interplay between inner-city decay and racial disadvantage in contemporary Britain.Some people complained of racial discrimination in the way housing was allocated.Some would call it a racial divide.racial equalityIn Jamaica black and white people have lived together in racial harmony for many years.The event is designed to promote racial harmony.Local police deny that have used racial profiling when stopping motorists.The heads of civil rights organizations that gathered for the announcement praised Flagstar for making real racial progress.A black street-sweeper; they have a racial situation.It can also imply that all the experiences and aspirations of their members are exhausted by the fact of racial subordination.Racial violence used to be commonplace on the streets of the city.racial discriminationAnother proposal was that an independent commission would be set up to examine the question of racial discrimination.Business is booming for an Avis franchisee in the Carolinas despite well-publicized allegations of racial discrimination against customers.Often, boycotts have been instigated by domestic issues such as gay rights, racial discrimination and labor disputes.Considerable ingenuity may be required to discover non-racial criteria for racial discrimination and non-racial reasons for criticizing other races.He spoke of the racial discrimination he had experienced.It was charged with finding and ending racial discrimination in war industries under government contract.Brown demonstrated that courageous leadership can make a difference in ending racial discrimination, perhaps more so than bureaucratic bean-counting exercises.racial originThen there are those families who emphasise differences by their awareness of the racial origin of the child.People are immensely flexible in their habits, depending on their racial origin, religion, wealth, and ecology.
From Longman Business Dictionaryracialra‧cial /ˈreɪʃəl/ adjective to do with a person’s race or colourThe firm was accused of racial discrimination in its recruitment procedures.
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