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radialra‧di‧al /ˈreɪdiəl/ adjective  CFarranged in a circular shape with bars or lines coming from the centre radial roads leading out of the city centre
Examples from the Corpus
radialDo not attempt to extend old radial circuits which are each fed by a separate fusebox.Oshkosh reverberated with the sound of 18 Wright Cyclone radial engines chattering away.First, the spider lays down a strong radial framework for the web.The radial path of a light ray in these new coordinates is which has two solutions:.The radial shields are also covered with rugose granules but it is possible to distinguish their position on the disk.The radial shields are not visible, probably absent.The radial shields are usually covered although in some specimens it is possible to see the outline of distal end.Most echinoderms also have an unique five-rayed radial symmetry in the overall shape of the skeleton.Fit the 7.50x 16 as fitted to 110 for a better ride and tyre life from the radial tyres.
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