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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishradiantra‧di‧ant /ˈreɪdiənt/ adjective  1 HAPPYfull of happiness and love, in a way that shows in your face and makes you look attractive She looked radiant in a white silk dress. a radiant smileradiant with They were both radiant with happiness.2 [only before noun] literaryBRIGHT very bright a lovely day with clear blue skies and radiant sun3 [only before noun] technicalTP radiant heat or energy is sent out in the form of wavesradiantly adverb She looked radiantly beautiful.
Examples from the Corpus
radiantHer face tipped up, radiant.She looked a picture, radiant, all in white.For years and years they crossed rivers and oceans to find the Simorgh, that fabulous creature, radiant and dazzling.But Gabby was so healthy and radiant and strong.a radiant brideShe looked at him with radiant eyes.Photographs showed it to consist of twenty or more radiant pieces in a straight line, embedded inside an extensive bright cloud.radiant rubies and diamondsShe announced, with a radiant smile, that she was going to have a baby.They were radiant when they returned.He was radiant with excitement when he came off the stage.With each step, they are becoming more and more radiant with light.radiant smilePassing the window, he saw Olivia Davenport, muffled in fur, approach Hoppy with a radiant smile.The nurse brought Michael a cup of tea and he thanked her, giving her one of his radiant smiles.Courtiers who had come to expect her barely to acknowledge them were suddenly treated to radiant smiles and cheerful banter.
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