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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishradiirad‧i‧i /ˈreɪdiaɪ/  x-refthe plural of radius
Examples from the Corpus
radiiThe computer did most of the hard work and produced four circles with radii 4,781 4,647,4, 718 and 4,685 metres.In this way, gas is continually being fed ever closer to the centre from larger radii.Ferry takes vo as including not only the Van der Waals' radii but also the volume associated with vibrational motion.The drawing technique of shared radii can be used to construct a variety of curvilinear shapes.Imperfect, because the radii differ by about 60 metres.Such a model facilitates accurate predictions of the average change in charge radii for nuclei.The equatorial and polar radii have been measured by various means and correspond to some level above the cloud tops.High-speed ejected debris destroys everything within five or six crater radii of the point of impact.
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