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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishradio-controlledˌradio-conˈtrolled adjective  TTTCcontrolled from far away using radio signals a radio-controlled toy car
Examples from the Corpus
radio-controlledThe bomb should have a radio-controlled arming device, he said.Further mapping was undertaken using photographs taken by radio-controlled cameras attached to low-level tethered balloons.It's totally different from radio-controlled flying where there isn't this link.We used to have long discussions and arguments about everything from radio-controlled models to religion, and from parapsychology to physics.Though requiring no cable, the third model still had 10 radio-controlled movements for eyes, lids and hands.These are driven direct by gears on the radio-controlled servo output spindles.Yeb eventually emerges with a radio-controlled toy car in his arms.
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