Date: 1900-2000
Origin: radiotelegraphy (19-21 centuries), from radio- + telegraphy


1 noun
ra‧di‧o1 S1 W2
a) [countable]TCB a piece of electronic equipment which you use to listen to programmes that are broadcast, such as music and news
turn/switch the radio on/off
I sat down and turned on the radio.
b) [uncountable]AMT programmes that are broadcast on the radio:
I don't really listen to the radio very much.
on the radio
Did you hear the interview with the Prime Minister on the radio this morning?
radio programme/show
He's got his own radio show now.
local/national radio
She works for a local radio station.
a) [countable]TCB a piece of electronic equipment, for example on a plane or ship, which can send and receive spoken messages
over the radio
We received a call for help over the ship's radio.
b) [uncountable]TCB when messages are sent or received in this way
by radio
We should be able to reach them by radio.
We've lost radio contact with the plane.

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