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ldoce_280_araftraft /rɑːft $ ræft/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 TTWa flat floating structure, usually made of pieces of wood tied together, used as a boat2 a raft of something3 a flat floating structure that you can sit on, jump from etc when you are swimming4 TTWTTAa small flat rubber boat filled with air, used for example if a boat sinks
Examples from the Corpus
raftClosing a raft of useless federal establishments will get rid of only some 80,000 of them.When you move abroad you face a raft of financial decisions, including which type of bank account to open.She needed a proper boat, not a raft.A raft of foreign-owned firms have built new factories.He greeted Collingridge's downfall like a drowning man discovers a life raft.The waves which lapped over the stern of the raft were our waste-disposal system.When the raft bumped on the sand, the fishermen could step ashore only knee deep in the water.The raft is built and on its way.
From Longman Business Dictionaryraftraft /rɑːftræft/ noun a raft of something a large number of thingsThere has been a raft of new laws aimed at giving better protection to children in the past few years.
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