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rag trade

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrag tradeˈrag trade noun   the rag trade
Examples from the Corpus
rag tradeBeware of an opportunist rag trade beginning to sell you recycled clothing under the guise of social awareness.As a city it has a great deal to offer - especially to some one like myself who works in the rag trade.No such inhibitions stunt the growth of the rag trade at the polar opposite point from the basking Sloanes.My wife is a business woman with two shops and I came out at the height of the rag trade jamborees.And yet I didn't want to be consigned to the rag trade.It can be adapted to clothing and Clarks intends to sell its expertise to the rag trade.The rag trade adopted the same approach when it came to designing and flogging its clobber.
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