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ragamuffinrag‧a‧muf‧fin /ˈræɡəˌmʌfɪn/ noun [countable]  literarySSCDC a dirty young child wearing torn clothes
Examples from the Corpus
ragamuffinA ragamuffin was walking up and down the rows of benches begging from anyone who was awake.A few well-dressed Yanks are to be sprinkled among 600 soldiers and ragamuffins.Fancy, gentlemen in velvet scrapping like ragamuffins!Last night his hourly wage, about £8 in loose change was nicked from under his nose by scavenging ragamuffins.And the ragamuffin kids: unwashed kids, hungry kids, artful kids, verminous kids, nice kids and unholy terrors.It's only the ragamuffins chasing Caesar down the Fosse Way.
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