Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin rabies 'anger, wildness', from rabere 'to be wild with anger'


1 noun
rage1 [uncountable and countable]
1 a strong feeling of uncontrollable anger:
Sobbing with rage, Carol was taken to the hospital.
in a rage
Sam became quite frightening when he was in a rage.
cry/scream/roar etc of rage
Just then, she heard Mr Evan's bellow of rage.
red/dark/purple with rage
His face was red with rage.
trembling/shaking with rage
Forester stared at his car, trembling with rage.
seething/incandescent with rage (=as angry as a person can possibly be)
Animal rights supporters were incandescent with rage.
Richens was 17 when he flew into a rage and stabbed another teenager.

be all the rage

informal to be very popular or fashionable:
DiCaprio became all the rage after starring in the film 'Titanic'.

rage for something

a situation in which something is very popular or fashionable:
the rage for mobile phones

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