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rail/road/telephone etc link

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrail/road/telephone etc linkrail/road/telephone etc linkJOIN something TOGETHERsomething that makes communication or travel between two places possible The office has direct computer links to over 100 firms. link
Examples from the Corpus
rail/road/telephone etc linkWhen it was first launched in 1982 a Minitel terminal consisted of a small monitor with a keyboard and a telephone link.Excellent road and rail links make access easy from all parts of the country.The houses will be for people who have to move out of Bentham Drive to make way for a new rail link.Newby is a quiet village between the busy A65 and the old road linking Ingleton and Clapham with road access to both.However, outlying villages had been attacked and the city's rail link with Phnom Penh was frequently severed.In many cases they have the public on their side as the recent furore over the rail links with London has demonstrated.Will he take note of the campaign to sink the link, as the channel tunnel rail link passes Gravesend and Northfleet?Through the World's Edge Mountains great fortified underground roads linked their underground cities.
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