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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrailheadrail‧head /ˈreɪlhed/ noun [countable]  the end of a railway line
Examples from the Corpus
railheadIt was a long haul across the highland roads to the nearest airport and railhead at Inverness.The great stations in these cities thus became massive meat railheads.The east shore of the bay had no airport landing strip, no railhead, no long-distance bus terminal.Lilting Orcadian voices chattered behind; this line goes to the furthest northern railhead of Britain.Remember the march from the railhead to the bivouac at St Omer?From the railheads, professional buffalo hunters fanned out across the plains.The first two processes to be looked at are Flask Handling from pond to railhead, and the training process.
From Longman Business Dictionaryrailheadrail‧head /ˈreɪlhed/ noun [countable]TRANSPORT the place where a railway line endsThe barges pull up to a railhead.
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