2 verb

it rains

if it rains, drops of water fall from clouds in the sky:
Outside it was still raining.
It's starting to rain.
rain heavily/hard
It must have rained quite hard last night.
it's raining cats and dogs spoken (=it is raining very hard)

rain (down) blows/blows rain down

if you rain blows onto someone, you hit them many times:
She attacked the man, raining blows on his head and shoulders.

it never rains but it pours

spoken used to say that as soon as one thing goes wrong, a lot of other things go wrong as well

rain down

phrasal verb
to fall in large quantities
rain down on
Bombs rained down on the city.

be rained off

phrasal verb
DN if an event or activity is rained off or rained out, it has to stop because there is too much rain:
The match was rained off.

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