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rainyrain‧y /ˈreɪni/ ●●● S3 adjective  1 DNa rainy period of time is one when it rains a lot syn wet a cold rainy day in October I hate rainy weather. the rainy season2 save something for a rainy dayTHESAURUSrainy a rainy period of time is one when it rains a lota cold rainy day in OctoberThe weather continued to be rainy.The rainy season is in July.wet rainy. Wet and rainy mean the same and are used in the same wayIn Cyprus during the winter, you’ll only have the occasional wet day.The wet weather is expected to continue.another wet summerIt's been wet all week.damp if the air feels damp, there is a lot of moisture in the air and it may be raining slightlyIt was a cold damp day.a damp November morningshowery raining for short periodsthe cool, bright, showery weather of early AprilThe weather will be showery, with some sunny intervals.drizzly raining slightly, with a lot of mist in the airThe morning was grey and drizzly.grey British English, gray American English if the sky is grey, there are a lot clouds, and it looks like it will rainThe next morning, the sky was grey.Then, as if by magic, the sun burst through what had until then been a rather grey day.
Examples from the Corpus
rainyThe groundbreaking was June 7, a rainy day in the Delta.Some 600 Boston University journalism students had braved a rainy Friday night in 1976 to hear a panel discussion on investigative reporting.People in rainy maritime climates call it just water, and complain when it falls from heaven.One rainy night when car windows were sealed against me I came back soaked and with not a single sale to report.Who owns the whole rainy, stony earth?The morning was damp, though not rainy, the grey day just beginning.rainy dayHis eyebrows beetled like those on the Mephistopheles mask and the eyes beneath them were no colour, like a rainy day.You know how your daddy tells you to put some of your money away for a rainy day?It was a rainy day, a bad day in the heart.We should have been putting money by for a rainy day because that rainy day came.Anything above 100 percent goes into a separate rainy day fund, for emergencies.The groundbreaking was June 7, a rainy day in the Delta.So, whether you're saving for something special or for a rainy day, you can start earning interest straightaway.
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