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raise eyebrows

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishraise eyebrowsraise eyebrowsif something raises eyebrows, it surprises people The band’s new sound will raise some eyebrows. raise
Examples from the Corpus
raise eyebrowsObviously Kaplan's recording will raise eyebrows.Trans World's ability to perform so well during this period raised eyebrows.That would raise eyebrows, as well as suspicions of special treatment.But the case has raised eyebrows if not heightened tensions.The power that these organisations are beginning to exert is already raising eyebrows in the offices of some competition authorities.The North Star's team never failed to raise eyebrows nomatterwhere they travelled, being five stout brothers of almost identical appearance.But for many, stories about one night-stands are more inclined to raise eyebrows than get them giggling.Sukey raised eyebrows when he ordered rather too good a bottle of claret in restaurants.
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