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raise the alarm

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishraise the alarmraise the alarmBritish EnglishWARN to warn people about a danger so that they can take action Sam stayed with his injured friend while a passing motorist raised the alarm. raise
Examples from the Corpus
raise the alarmAnd yesterday his heartbroken wife Jane slammed police for failing to find him after she raised the alarm 48 hours earlier.Fearing the bag might contain a bomb, a passenger raised the alarm.Fred Goodyear was so shocked that it was more than eight hours before he raised the alarm.Instead, he drove off and was later found dead by police after she raised the alarm.The scanner easily raises the alarm.The Romantics had raised the alarm about the disintegration in modern society of much that is essential to the full human experience.Rex raised the alarm, and the entire crew rushed forward in the rain and darkness to try to limit the damage.Mrs Gillis-Tweed raised the alarm from a neighbour's home.Shocked Andria raised the alarm then jumped in her own car and drove to a local beauty spot in Runnymede, Surrey.
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