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raise your voice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishraise your voiceraise your voiceSHOUTto speak loudly or shout because you are angry He’s never raised his voice to me. I could hear raised voices in the next room. raise
Examples from the Corpus
raise your voiceEventually, even Western governments began to raise their voices.He seemed calm and thoughtful, and throughout his recent eloquent speeches had not raised his voice.Stop raising your voice, Amanda.In my family nobody raised their voices and nobody fought with each other.Don't you raise your voice at me!We heard raised voices coming from the next room, and then a cry.Often it does not occur to them that they can speak up, raise their voices in front of people.I never heard my father raise his voice in his life.So far neither of them had raised their voices, or only enough to be heard above Gordon's din.Oliver raised his voice slightly to say, I may have to ask him not to come over here any more.They have to raise their voices to be heard above the clam our of the world.
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