2 verb
Related topics: Household, Gardening
1 [intransitive and transitive]DLG to move a rake across a surface in order to make the soil level, gather dead leaves etc
rake something over/up
She raked the soil over to loosen the weeds.
2 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to search a place very carefully for something
rake through/around
I've been raking through my drawers looking for those tickets.
3 [transitive] to point something such as a gun, camera, or strong light, and keep moving across an area [= sweep]:
The searchlight raked the open ground around the prison.
rake something with something
They raked the room with gunfire.
4 [transitive]DH to push a stick backwards and forwards in a fire in order to remove ashes

rake over the past/old coals

to keep talking about something that happened in the past that people would prefer you not to mention

rake your fingers (through something)

D to pull your fingers through something or across a surface:
Ken raked his fingers through his hair.

rake something ↔ in

phrasal verb
B to earn a lot of money without trying very hard:
Lou's been raking in the dollars since he opened his business.
If someone opened a burger bar, they'd really rake it in.

rake something ↔ up

phrasal verb
1 to talk about something from the past that people would prefer you not to mention [= dredge up]:
It upsets Dad when that story is raked up again.
2 also rake something ↔ together to collect things or people together for a purpose, but with difficulty:
They could only rake up $300.

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