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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrakishrak‧ish /ˈreɪkɪʃ/ adjective  1 if a man looks rakish, or wears rakish clothes, he dresses nicely and looks confident and relaxed syn stylish a rakish uniform2 at a rakish angle3 old-fashionedSYBAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS a rakish man has a lot of sexual relationships, wastes money, and drinks too much alcoholrakishly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
rakishI don't think I should have risked anything quite so rakish.A man stood, rakish and upright, and stared at the fences.A black, felt bowler sits on his head, tilted slightly forward at a rakish angle.There was Philippa Mannering looking avid in a beautifully cut check suit and a brown beret at a rakish angle.Saker always has paler crown and is less slender and rakish, but may otherwise be hard to distinguish.Brothels, bars, gambling, rakish clothes and tough-guy postures became his style.What a rakish figure did I cut.a rakish suit
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