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rallying point

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrallying pointˈrallying ˌpoint noun [singular]  an idea, event, person etc that makes people come together to support something they believe inrallying point for a rallying point for the struggle against apartheid
Examples from the Corpus
rallying pointLike Nelson Mandela later, he became a symbol and a rallying point.The Pittston coal strike served as a rallying point for organized labor.The flag was still with us, and one or two of our regimental officers made it a rallying point.A rallying point was needed and, for Tillyard, one was found in the golden age of the Elizabethan world.If nothing else, the formula code gave protesters an effective rallying point.It also then serves as the logical rallying point for quality and productivity.To many, the springbok was transformed from a symbol of apartheid into a new rallying point for a reconciled nation.
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