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ramblingram‧bling1 /ˈræmblɪŋ/ adjective [usually before noun]  1 AADHa rambling building has an irregular shape and covers a large area a rambling old farmhouse2 DISORGANIZEDrambling speech or writing is very long and does not seem to have any clear organization or purpose a long rambling letter
Examples from the Corpus
ramblingHe set off on a long rambling account of something that had happened in the bar that afternoon.Many farmers and tenant farmers live in big old rambling houses.a rambling New England farmhouseIt was a rambling old place, crooked and picturesque.From the front door of the rambling palazzo which housed the pensione she turned left and walked along the Riviera.Tomatoes leaned on stakes, runner beans twined round a wigwam of canes and rambling roses rambled over their appointed places.Seeing all the designs together in one large rambling shop confirms how fresh and charming they are.Perot's rambling speech swung from economics to education.There is also rambling thought in which the mind is not pressed to solve anything and merely rambles aimlessly.
ramblingrambling2 noun [uncountable] British English  the activity of going for walks in the countryside for pleasure
Examples from the Corpus
ramblingIt's an excellent time for walking and rambling.I hadn't done this amount of countryside rambling since I was drummed out of the Boy Scouts.The terrain's just as perfect for rambling or mountain biking as for exploring à cheval.Jay was given to grandiloquent rambling, and had to check herself.Scores of rambling and cycling clubs headed remorselessly for the Dales each weekend, come rain or shine.But how to word it so that it didn't sound like the rambling of a wild man?
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