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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishramshackleram‧shack‧le /ˈræmʃækəl/ adjective  CONDITION/STATE OF somethinga ramshackle building or vehicle is in bad condition and in need of repair syn tumbledown a ramshackle old cottage
Examples from the Corpus
ramshackleAfter they had deposited their bags at the hotel, itself ramshackle and run-down, they had gone on to the hospital.No one had lived in the ramshackle farmhouse for years.a row of ramshackle homesThe shepherds from the village of Debelde, a collection of ramshackle houses, have stayed with their flocks.He told us of families who had built ramshackle premises on unused land only to see them bulldozed.The only original thing at Ferry Farm today is a ramshackle shed where young George may have studied surveying.The trucks were so ramshackle that it was amazing they could move at all.
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