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ranchranch /rɑːntʃ $ ræntʃ/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 TAa very large farm in the western US and Canada where sheep, cattle, or horses are bred2 DHHa ranch house
Examples from the Corpus
ranchHe and a Boston friend bought a ranch in Laramie and raised sheep, then steer, on the open range.We lived first on a ranch.a four-bedroom rancha cattle ranchRobert Daley settled the property in 1869, first as a horse and cattle ranch and then as a dairy operation.We saw small towns and huge cities, chicken farms and horse ranches.I sail past a little development of off-the-shelf ranch homes.The bloody siege of the ranch complex in Waco has already left at least six police and cult members dead.Over the years, the ranch shrank.
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