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ranch house

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ranch houseˈranch house noun [countable]  1 American EnglishDHH a house built on one level, usually with a roof that does not slope very muchbungalow2 DHHa house on a ranch in which the rancher lives
Examples from the Corpus
ranch houseThere was a four-bedroom ranch house and a big pond, almost a lake.A full eighteen minutes after I turned in at the Gibbs Ranch sign I find the ranch house.After the cattle guard, stay to the left and away from the ranch house.The office was in a section of the ranch house.Summertime Peter glided easily to a gentle landing on the lush green lawn outside the ranch house.He eased the Land-Rover off the road and up to the ranch house.The ranch house that still stands and is the heart of the site was built in 1928.The ranch house, corral and outbuildings have been restored and contain exhibits, photographs and period furniture.
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