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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrangrang /ræŋ/ verb 🔊 🔊 x-refthe past tense of ring
Examples from the Corpus
rang• I dialled, waited, then counted the times it rang.• Ten minutes later, however, the phone rang.• Apart from a bit of woodworm, the beam seemed solid enough, but the panel rang hollow.• Shrieks rang out when sections of masonry crumbled under the impact of Federal shells.• She took a deep breath, then walked reluctantly to the massive door and rang the bell.• I rang the doorbell, but I heard no footsteps.• A number of other Ulster callers also rang the show that night with amazing stories of strange happenings during Geller's appearance.• Donna rang the station and discovered that there was a train to King's Cross leaving at 8.27 p.m.
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