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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrangyrang‧y /ˈreɪndʒi/ adjective  with long thin strong legs a tall, rangy boy
Examples from the Corpus
rangyHis glance met hers for a brief, breathtaking moment, before he started forward, his stride slow, and rangy.She saw him turn and look at her, lean and rangy, hands thrust impatiently into pockets.But the problems have been ongoing since the loss of Smith, a big, rangy junior who had all-star potential.Burun's eldest son was a tall rangy man with a lot of muscle and sinew.There were long shelves of books and a rangy philodendron had grown over the top row.Mr Workman was a tall rangy Presbyterian with crew-cut greying hair and was an inveterate pipe-smoker.Where Pollock's painting is rangy, splashy, spontaneous, Johns's Target is uptight and laboriously thought out.
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