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rank and file

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrank and fileˌrank and ˈfile noun   the rank and filerank-and-file adjective [only before noun] the rank-and-file members of the trade union
Examples from the Corpus
rank and fileThe enemy succeeded in capturing myself and 2,200 rank and file, many of them being wounded.Dalton seems to have been worried that the Party rank and file would be bewildered by the turn around.Indeed, most Tories sought to distance themselves from the actions of their own supporters amongst the rank and file.Social control of the rank and file, in its formal disciplinary guise, had a multitude of possibilities.Now I could almost resent the rank and file, up there hogging every scene.While I have no special bond with the rank and file, I do sometimes have one with the officers.The rank and file were drawn from forced levies laid upon the tax-paying population.The other three Hardin dismissed almost immediately; they were rank and file on the face of them.
From Longman Business Dictionaryrank and fileˌrank and ˈfile noun the rank and file the ordinary members of a union, who are not union officialsSo far, leaders are maintaining discipline among the rank and file.rank-and-file adjective [only before a noun]rank-and-file union members
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