2 verb
a) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, not in progressive] to have a particular position in a list of people or things that have been put in order of quality or importance
rank as/among
Today's match ranks as one of the most exciting games that these two have ever played.
We rank among the safest countries in the world.
rank with/alongside (=be of the same importance or quality)
Cuvier wanted to turn natural history into a science that would rank with physics and chemistry.
rank high/low
He ranked high among the pioneers of 20th century chemical technology.
b) [transitive] to decide the position of someone or something on a list based on quality or importance
be ranked fourth/number one etc
Agassi was at that time ranked sixth in the world.
It is not always easy to rank the students in order of ability.
2 [transitive] American English to have a higher rank than someone else [= outrank]:
A general ranks a captain.
3 [transitive] to arrange objects in a line or row:
There were several pairs of riding boots ranked neatly in the hall.

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