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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrankingrank‧ing1 /ˈræŋkɪŋ/ noun [countable]  POSITION/RANKa position on a scale that shows how good someone or something is when compared with others She is now fifth in the world rankings.
Examples from the Corpus
rankingThe football team lost their No. 1 ranking as a result of the decision.Hierarchical ranking operated within each social grouping as well as between members of different groups.Magazine rankings of business schools are considered extremely influential; many prospective business students carefully study them in deciding where to apply.The next task is to take the projects in order of ranking and plan them.Sampras clinched the number one ranking again this year.The rankings were based on return on equity.At the end of this event, Davies is sure to have moved up a place in the world rankings.world rankingsThe United States finished fourth in 1992 and remains in that spot in the current world rankings.Olympic medal projections based on world rankings are grim.Unlike most Olympic competitions, players will be seeded by previous world rankings.Just hard slog to move up the world rankings.
rankingranking2 adjective [only before noun] especially American English  HIGH POSITION OR RANKa ranking person has a high, or the highest, position in an organization or is one of the best at an activity the panel’s ranking Democrat, William Clay He’s the ship’s ranking officer (=the one with the highest rank).
Examples from the Corpus
rankingOn the Friday evening, a fancy-dress banquet was held for the high ranking guests who had attended the Tournament.Thus, in the absence of the chairman the ranking majority member of a committee would preside.Helms is the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.ranking officerThe red stripes across the top half of its shell marked it out as some sort of high ranking officer.Frank B.. Kelso, then chief of naval operations and the ranking officer at the infamous Tailhook convention.
-ranking-ranking /ræŋkɪŋ/ suffixused to say where someone or something is on a scale that shows how good they are, or what position they have, compared with other people or thingshigh/top/low/middle-ranking a top-ranking tennis playerFrom Longman Business Dictionaryrankingrank‧ing /ˈræŋkɪŋ/ noun [countable]1the position of something or someone in a list that has been arranged in order of quality or importanceThe US recaptured from Germany the number one ranking among exporters.2a list of things or people in order of quality or importancea ranking of the 30 largest US cities on the basis of finance and management
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