2 verb
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rap2 past tense and past participle rapped, present participle rapping


[intransitive and transitive] to hit or knock something quickly several times [↪ tap]:
She rapped the table with her pen.
rap on/at
Angrily she rapped on his window.


[intransitive]APM to say the words of a rap song


[transitive] to criticize someone angrily - used especially in news reports [= slam]:
a film rapped by critics for its excessive violence


also rap out [transitive] to say something loudly, suddenly, and in a way that sounds angry:
'Come on,' he rapped impatiently.

rap somebody on/over the knuckles

also rap somebody's knuckles
a) to punish or criticize someone for something, but not very severely:
He had his knuckles rapped sharply for meddling in foreign policy.
b) to punish a child by hitting them on the back of their hand

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