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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrapidrap‧id /ˈræpɪd/ ●●○ W3 adjective  FAST/QUICKhappening or done very quickly and in a very short timefast, quick The patient made a rapid recovery.rapid growth/expansion/development/increase rapid population growth a period of rapid decline He fired three times in rapid succession (=one after another).see thesaurus at fastrapidity /rəˈpɪdəti/ noun [uncountable] Their debts mounted with alarming rapidity.COLLOCATIONSnounsrapid growth/expansion/developmentThe industry is experiencing rapid growth.a rapid increase/riseThe country cannot cope with a rapid increase in population.rapid changeThe labour market has undergone a period of rapid change over the last few years.the rapid spread of somethingClose contact between people resulted in the rapid spread of the disease.a rapid decline/deteriorationThese parasites cause a rapid decline in the health of the fish.rapid progressBoth Tom and Victoria had made rapid progress under his guidance.a rapid responseHe praised state health authorities for their rapid response to the crisis.phrasesat a rapid rate/paceDeforestation is occurring at a rapid rate as a result of agricultural development.in rapid succession (=quickly, one after the other)Pictures of a man were flashed upon the screen in rapid succession.
Examples from the Corpus
rapidAdolescence is a period of great and rapid change.The rapid force of airbag inflation saves adult lives.Will cast a rapid glance at the clock.a rapid increase in the populationRapid learning: Learn to speak a new language in 12 weeks!For hard-liners, on both sides, the rapid movement toward a new world structure was alarming.The college offers a rapid programme of training for librarians.After one treatment the fish has made rapid progress and is now able to swim upright.Investments in public transport in these areas have concentrated on expensive high technology systems of rapid rail transit.She made a rapid recovery after her operation.But this same development model has recently produced the largest and most rapid reduction of poverty in history.That was the first wonderful release, others were to follow in rapid succession.rapid growth/expansion/development/increaseEmployment of local government inspectors is concentrated in cities and in suburban areas undergoing rapid growth.Molecular biology is often difficult to recommend text books for because of its multidisciplinary nature and rapid developments.Such churn is a byproduct of rapid growth in Arizona.There was a rapid increase in the output of journals and books and in the range of and demand for newspapers.Its rapid expansion is causing severe strains on its current buildings on Corstorphine Hill.But the issue was fascinating because of other things, heralding the rapid development of technology in the next century.This led to the rapid growth of the private courier industry, with substantial benefits to business users.The regions with the most rapid growth rates were two of the more rural, East Anglia and the South West.
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