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rapistrap‧ist /ˈreɪpɪst/ noun [countable]  SCCSYa person who has raped someone (=forced them to have sex, especially using violence) She later found out that he was a convicted rapist.
Examples from the Corpus
rapistHe is not just a rapist and abuser of women.Angela sent money to defense funds for black murderers and rapists.Murderers, rapists and Charles Dance as Clemens, an ex-prisoner now medical officer, are her only companions.Victims have their best chance of resisting this kind of rapist, who may give up if he can not establish control.This type of rapist is aroused by his victims' sufferings, particularly if they struggle to escape.Because in a rape, the guilt belongs to the rapist and to the rapist alone.The rapist is due to be released by 1998.
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