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rapperrap‧per /ˈræpə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  APMsomeone who speaks the words of a rap song
Examples from the Corpus
rapperBut like his brother Dre, Warren is a rapper only by circumstance and a producer by passion.East coast and west coast rappers spent much of the 90s killing each other.And perhaps their finest stroke was the casting of rapper Ice-T as a heroic, charismatic crack baron.As the service ended, several attendees broke down in tears, including 19-year-old rapper Mase.Heavy D gets more done by 10 a. m. than other rappers do all day.He leads us to the studio, where an interpreter relays another strange question to rapper and part-time Internationalist Wildski.Black and White is about rich white kids hanging out with rappers in New York.
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