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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrapportrap‧port /ræˈpɔː $ -ɔːr/ noun [singular, uncountable]  RELATIONSHIPfriendly agreement and understanding between peoplerelationshiprapport with/between He had an excellent rapport with his patients.establish/build up/develop (a) rapport He built up a good rapport with the children.
Examples from the Corpus
rapportHe has developed a rapport with Desmond, which so far does not exist between the proprietor and the Express.Before you do business with someone, it is important to establish a rapport.The other one thought the most important thing was good communications and rapport.There seems to be a better rapport between players and officials now than in the past.Alison and Johnny had an easy rapport that was clear to everyone.You are lucky to have such a good rapport with your boss.His rapport is instantaneous: this big, good-looking black man, kind of funny, kind of smart.Many a time he commented upon the mental rapport he found with his most intelligent animals.Third, and most important for the success of the networking, concerned the establishment of personal rapport between fieldworker and informant.There were larger things to worry about than rapport.rapport with/betweenHe has developed a rapport with Desmond, which so far does not exist between the proprietor and the Express.It is also important that the presenter be appropriate for the specific audience and be able to establish a rapport with them.Therefore he felt a rapport with Ramsey.He established a good rapport with his students.He seems to have a good read on his players and good rapport with them.Melissa detected a growing rapport between them, and rejoiced.Victoria and Kay were so impressed with her rapport with the children that they asked her to work in the morning as well.She formed a instinctive rapport with many patients, her efforts giving her a real sense of achievement.
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